Workers' Voice Breakfast

4 November 2019: 4th Workers' Voice Breakfast

Workers’ voice in the transformation of established business models

New digital technologies and the urgent need for a stronger focus on ecological and social sustainability in global value chains can be regarded as external shocks, which is why certain companies are being urged to change their long established business models as rapidly as possible. During the financial crisis Workers’ Voice was a decisive asset for companies and workers. Needless to say Workers’ Voice is also necessary to cope with and shape the ecological and digital transformation!

The ETUC and the DGB are calling for more democracy at work. The right balance is needed in the policy agenda for the new legislative term. We urge for the introduction of a strong Workers‘ Voice in the European corporate governance framework, for the sake of more sustainable companies and also with regard to future workplace and income perspectives.

We are convinced that European integration can thrive only if workers are involved and transformation of the economy is shaped in common.

Invitation: Workers’ Voice Breakfast, 04. November 2019 (pdf)

Theses: Workers’ Voice in the transformation of established business models (pdf)