Creating new perspective

4 April 2019: 1st Creating New Perspective

'Dynamics of Interstices' - Creating new perspectives: Workers’ voice for Europe’s future

Politicians are crying out for help. All too often they are unable to reach European citizens and convince them of the European way. But besides the usual voices, others – both the well-known and the unknown – should be more closely involved in the public debate on Europe’s future. Indeed, in today’s much more difficult political environment we need unusual backdrops for Creating New Perspectives for Workers’ Voice for Europe’s Future.

On 4 April we will bring together personalities from different backgrounds in a unique setting to offer new ideas for orientation. In this interdisciplinary space we shall experience an art exhibition and explore whether such encounters can be harnessed for our common concerns.

Dieter Haist, artist, teacher at the University of Kassel and guest professor at Nanjing University of the Arts, orchestrates interstices – the space between – in his art compositions. In his exploration of these interstices Dieter Haist acknowledges the ‘NOT YET’ in the sense of Bloch's theory. Among all the visible elements, by way of metamorphosis, between subject and object, there are interactions imperceptible to both the observer and the participants. By directing our focus to the supposed emptiness it becomes clear that, besides the structure apparent in the foreground, there is a space comprising other contours and thus new possibilities. The special relations between individual elements, their gravitational attraction and the resulting tensions have a dynamic of their own that puts the whole texture of relations in a new light. According to Bloch, taking up these interstices offers us latent, but very powerful political potential for ‘The Novum’. Can this art vocabulary help us to develop ideas for a new socio-political approach?

Invitation: Programme (pdf) 

Interview with Norbert Kluge: Opening up new spaces for thought

Lecture: Dieter Haist (pdf)

Photos of the event (Flickr)

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